Cheney Stadium

This Is R City, a Bold City, a Defiant City.

Walking down Pacific Ave I see the ‘R.’ I see that ‘R’ at the Tacoma Mall, at SeaTac when I travel, at the top of Mount Rainier. I see the ‘R’ a lot.

When it’s atop someone’s head I feel like know them – they, like me – love Tacoma. My hills and neighborhoods are their hills and neighborhoods.

The thing about the ‘R’ is it’s a signal that they’ve climbed the same steps I have – at Stadium, at the museums, to R Bar. The ‘R’ means that they’ve walked the same paths I have – along Point Defiance, through Wright Park, through the concourse to the WeRTacoma Team Store.

When I see the ‘R’ I know that someone is a friend to those who choose Tacoma as their home. It’s a warm welcome for the bold, proud women of Reign FC. It’s the pride in the youth who are carving their defiant futures from our city with Tacoma Defiance.

I see the ‘R’ wherever I go and know that the one who wears it shares in a spirit that this is R City, a bold city, a defiant city.

We R Tacoma.

It is proud to wear the crown of a team with world champions and international stars. They are wrapped in rainbows and confidence, while humbly making Tacoma home.

The city knows and embraces a nautical past and present – rough waves and an ambitious spirit of youth. It is a city that is both part of the greater Puget Sound and also fiercely independent. There is a duality to it all.

I see the dark hoodies of Defiance, the bold crown of Reign, and the ‘R’ knowing that Tacoma is home for us all. We R Tacoma. This is R city, defiant, and the place where she plays.

Where will I find you in your Defiance jersey? When will you wear the Reign’s crown next? Is tomorrow your next day with the ‘R’ on your head?

WeRTacoma Team Store

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