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Thanksgiving at R House: Fantastic Fashion & Faux Pas

Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and socks with holes. Sure, none of us were ready for the world to shut down for an entire year, but did anyone warn our comfy clothes they’d be getting such a workout? It’s been Lazy Sunday every day for our wardrobes in 2020, but not for Thanksgiving. In year’s past, the holidays have always been one of those special days of the year where outfits require a little more thought than usual, so why should this year be any different?

While we recognize that this year has been a test for all of us, moving forward in a spirit of thankfulness for all that we have is still so important. In the spirit of community, we’ve pulled together Tacoma’s experts in culture and cuisine to help you make the very best of this holiday season. Welcome to Thanksgiving at R House.

Thanksgiving at R House: Fantastic Fashion and Faux Pas

It’s almost without question that many of our Thanksgiving celebrations are going to be wildly different than last year’s, but as we’ve done for the last nine months, we will adapt.

Gatherings will be smaller. Some won’t happen at all. Regardless of how you’re doing Thanksgiving this year, we recommend following all local health guidelines.

We’ve already covered wine and cocktails to pair with new Thanksgiving traditions. We also shared recipes, words of inspiration, and after dinner entertainment recommendations. For our third installment in this community series, we’ve reached out to some of Tacoma’s trend setters for their expertise on some fashion do’s and don’t’s for this Thursday’s festivities.

We’re honored to share the knowledge of two downtown business owners whose shops set the tone for R City’s best looks, Sarah Alisdairi Close from Cocobolo and Perris Wright from eTc Tacoma. Whether you’re trying to keep your look comfortable/casual or dress it up since you haven’t in a while, we’ve picked their brains for both scenarios. Both of their shops are open all the way up ‘til Thanksgiving, so browse their websites (Cocobolo and eTc Tacoma) and pop in for any last-minute needs.

Casual Looks for (a Virtual) “Friendsgiving”

Sarah Alisdairi Close, Cocobolo

Cocobolo co-owners and sisters, Sarah and Lana

Sarah (left) pictured with sister and Cocobolo co-owner Lana

Cocobolo owner Lisa modeling a crimson Gah Toni Midi Dress

Crimson Lisa Says Gah Toni Midi Dress

We would suggest something that looks nice but also peak comfort for lounging and eating a ton. For us, that’s a shapeless midi length dress with boots.

A baggy dress is nice because you feel dressed up but really, you’re in a blanket with ample room to eat everything and not have to unbutton anything. You can always belt the dress to feel like there’s a shape and take the belt off later in the evening.

Gah Toni Midi Dress on sale here





Cocobolo owner Modeling Intentionally Blank Pam Boot

Intentionally Blank Pam Boot

A cool pair of tall boots that are easy to slip on and off make for the same dressed up look while still remaining effortless when you want to get cozy on the couch.

Try avoiding tight, stiff jeans and tank tops that will leave you cold and uncomfortable. I would also avoid nice fabrics like silk. You don’t want to have to worry about staining a beautiful blouse or laying around with the pets on the couch in it.

Intentionally Blank Pam Boot on sale here

Perris Wright, eTc Tacoma

eTc Tacoma owner Perris Wright, pictured with business partner Umi Wagoner

Perris on right, pictured with business partner Umi Wagoner

eTC x Bricks & Wood anorak

Whatever you wear, throwing this eTc x Bricks & Wood anorak over it is a good choice in our book.

Prior to this year, Friendsgiving was HUGE for the eTc & eTceTera family. We break bread together often, but this is one time where your dish is just as important as your outfit; the dish basically becomes an accessory.  For an occasion like this, we suggest any alternative collar choice that is NOT your basic crewneck (ribbed t-shirt neck).

That’s a long list but our favorites are the henley, a scoop neck (sailor style shirt), mandarin collar, or a mock neck zip sweater. It’s a nice way to dress it down and get away with a t-shirt underneath, but our personal favorite is the turtleneck. It takes all the guessing out of being dressy. It effortlessly shows effort. If you have been lucky enough to follow us for more than a year you have may have most of these options with eTceTera branding and are waiting on the right occasion. This is it.

eTC x Bricks & Wood anorak on sale here


Dressing to Impress the Family

Cocobolo Micaela Greg Irene Sweater

Micaela Greg Irene Sweater

Sarah Alisdairi Close, Cocobolo

The best advice in these types of situations is to be yourself. Aim for comfort so you are not tugging at anything or unable to relax. I would advise to dress to make your best impression without being overly fancy or accessorized.

Consider a pair of high waist trousers and a nice sweater or a loose-fitting dress with boots, like the earlier mentioned casual outfit.

Micaela Greg Irene sweater on sale here



eTc Duck Brown Doberman Jacket

Duck Brown Doberman Jacket

Perris Wright, eTc Tacoma

Don’t overthink it. When you look at the “rules” and they don’t make sense, that is your queue to do whatever is most comfortable. Being comfortable SHOULD allow that charming personality to bubble to the surface and you can be yourself, versus playing yourself. And the holiday season is ALL/ONLY about giving others their “flowers” ie. give give give. If you’re giving, and so is everyone else, doesn’t it only makes sense that you too will eventually “get”?

When dealing with family, as you would have guessed, we have far more NOs.

Let’s start at the bottom of the list…no sneakers. The smartest thing one can do is show they have some sort of professional/formal/adult footwear, as it sets the level of seriousness.

Denim is allowed but it’s going to need a blouse. This is also when we suggest heavily that you stick to classic collared shirts versus the alternative.

Duck Brown Doberman Jacket on sale here

A polo shirt or rugby, a light oxford, a vintage mechanics jacket all have sturdy collars and work well with multiple bottoms.

We highly recommend a chino. (We also make very good chinos, wink wink.)


Editor’s note: Thank you to both Sarah and Perry for their input. Support them and other amazing local businesses whenever you can. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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