Tacoma Defiance

Our defiant history is a guide, not an endpoint

Tacoma’s history is a banner under which we operate. The tapestry of legends like Jack, Thea, and Paul inform us. Like Tacoma we’re a proud organization. We are defiant; we are Defiance. It’s a flag the determined fly. It’s the flag of sailors, ad hoc boatwrights, lumber mavens, and bears. It’s our flag and the flag of modern Tacomans.
Pickup your own Tacoma Defiance flag at the Tacoma Team Store (M-F 11a-5p and any Cheney Stadium game/matchday 11a to end of game/match).

Illustration of Tacaoma Defiance flag waving over Puget Sound

Hamden style hoodie in black, by B84

We are of the Northwest. Deep seas, tall trees, and Mt. Rainier/Tahoma surround us. Rain is a constant, so are the clouds, except when they’re not. Just like Paul Satko we found a home here. Sometimes we will wrap up in warmth. Sometimes we need a hood from the rain.

Our waters are cold. They harbor monsters, real and imagined. Our waters harbor safety. But it gets cold out there, even in the summer. A fresh breeze off the Bay or Narrows on a summer night can reach down through your shirt. Like those sailors on the USS Defiance you need something to keep the chill off – a cowl neck jacket or scarf should do it.

Tri-blend fleece full zip hoodie in black, from B84

Like Jack the Drinking Bear the conventional is a silly chain that we can take off and cast aside. We will wander through the Theater District and Downtown looking for the perfect place to find a friendly barkeep with a full mug ready for us. We will make warm friends. Their embrace like a cozy fleece or fur. Our friends will laugh with us, love with us, and remind us of our flaws. Because good friends support us in our defiant activities.

Celebrating our history and heroes isn’t an endpoint. These are imperfect men and women. Their greatness and the tales around them show a defiant path towards growth, as a team and a city. Our Day of Defiance is not so much singular as it is a moment of moments.


Defiantly Tacoma

Next match at Oklahoma City Energy FC on Saturday, May 4 at 5:30 pm. (ESPN+).
Next home match versus Portland Timbers 2, a Day of Defiance, at Cheney Stadium on May 12 at 1:30 pm. (Tickets available here).

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