Tacoma Defiance

Our Defiant Crew

Recruited from Australia, England, and France …

Found in California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, and Nevada …

Raised in Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Sammamish, Burien, and Moses Lake …

Built in the great State of Washington on the pitches of Tukwila and Tacoma, our crew is one full of ambition, hungry to discover who they are and what they will be.

These are Tacoma-men, now

Full of Defiance, proudly wearing black, and white, and green, they are ready to show the Western Conference no quarter. While the forecast for their journeys throughout 2020 may be rough, they expect to endure. Their welcome home to Cheney Stadium is always warm.

The new members of the crew include an elder statesman of Puget Sound soccer. Centerback Taylor Mueller wears the number 74 (the founding year of the Sounders) in celebration of his connections to Sounders soccer that stretch back decades. Collin Fernandez was once a hot prospect with the Chicago Fire, now he’s a 22-year-old midfielder who can win hearts and tackles while showing that the hype was real, if just delayed.

Jesse Daley, The Defiant, is back. The Australian plays like with a spirit that’s equal parts fire, vinegar, and jet-black spray-painted graffiti. He’ll defend the honor of his teammates and our city, with fellow Aussie Antonee Burke-Gilroy on his flank. He wears his heart is on the right sleeve of his jersey, just under the TAC shield.

Young Azriel Gonzalez is no longer short on experience. Signed at just 15, he already has three professional seasons with 7 professional goals scored under his belt. He’s back, and after last year’s injury Gonzalez is better than ever.

Midfielder Danny Robles is stout, hungry, and loyal. Equally willing to raise the shield to defend the line, or quickly strike with a sneaky pass, Robles will float between the two advanced lines sometimes offering an attack and clogging passing lanes.

Frequent captain Josh Atencio won youth trophies in 2018 and 2019. He saw the First Team raise the Cup in front of 70,000 of his fellow Washingtonians. These events fuel his ambition for 2020. This is his Sound and he will defend it, whether in the midfield or on the backline.

Their friends and mentors have stars. Shiny cups are on their neighbors’ shelves. Rings of power adorn the hands of their compatriots. They know of the treasure available. It waits out there for them to take it as their own. 2020 is their time to take some of their own silverware, all while they discover just who they are, and cement what it really means to be Defiantly Tacoma.These are men, no longer boys. The tests they’ve taken have left them scars. The challenge of development has hardened them. This year’s roster is older, wiser, savvy. This year’s crew is defiant at heart, ready to fly the flag of the South Sound.

Defiantly Tacoma


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