Slammin Sam The South Sound Salmon

"Here's to the Memories We've Made... and the One's We've Yet to Make!"

Hatched at Cheney Stadium in 2022, but with a history much longer than that…

Although Throwback Weekend is a staple at Cheney Stadium, 2022 was the first year that Tacoma broke the tradition of featuring hats and jerseys that celebrated their affiliation history. This year’s drift from the norm, resulted in the creation of several new favorites for the club and their fanbase.

Born in the year 1960 with a big Louisville Slugger in his fins and a regal red Rainiers hat atop his head, the fast-talking fish is a representative for the South Sound’s salad days that we’re always celebrating and trying to recreate here at Cheney Stadium.

Salmon are a unique and storied contributor to culture in the Pacific Northwest & South Sound. From rising with the sun to dip a pole in Commencement Bay to the famous Browns Point Salmon Bake every summer, fishing keeps us busy and well fed here in R City. The only salmon we wouldn’t take with a slice of lemon and a pad of butter, however, is our very own Slammin’ Sam. 

The internet screamed its approval of the concept proving relevance outside of Tacoma alone. Social Media buzzed, creating immediate demand for jersey orders, and the product swam from the shelves. Now, Slammin’ Sam is a permanent fixture at the Rainiers Team Store and will continue to swim through the stadium on a regular basis in the years to come.  


Slammin’ Sam’s first introduction to Rainiers Fan’s came in 2022 with our annual Throwback Weekend.

Slammin’ Sam launches a full line of merch on December 1, 2022.

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