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Our Furry Friends Are Keeping Us Company

Most furry members of our families have been excited to see more of us. They’re getting a few more walks and a lot more pets. We can depend on their energy and quirks to bring a smile to our faces.

A few of us have learned behaviors we didn’t know – sometimes the cat just wants to be left alone, other times he wants to be in the video call with us.

Whatever size or species, our pets are a major part of the family. We can’t wait to see your dogs at Cheney Stadium again. Ours are looking forward to Dogs of Defiance and K9 Innings so they can experience Cheney Stadium after being a bit more cooped up than usual.

Our stadium dog is getting more time at his second house. As usual, Taz is hanging out with Head Groundskeeper Michael Huie.

“Our favorite furry friend has really shined bright in his hallway tennis ball fetch. It’s the ultimate dog vs. hardwood floor showdown.”

Like many of us, Stadium Operations Manager Zach Armstrong is getting more deliveries at home. That’s keeping his Rat Terrier Finn entertained.

“I figured out that my dog barks and runs around like crazy when a package is delivered to the house. When you are stuck at home all day and the doorbell rings, it gets exciting to see what was delivered.”

Not much has changed for little Murphy, the Dorkie. He’s still sleeping most of the day away, but Premium Experience and Event Manager Hannah Hall now has a deadline for those evening walks.

“Murphy’s daily routine hasn’t changed too much since quarantine began – he has always loved napping. When he’s awake he wants to be entertained. He lives for our daily 5 PM walks to our neighborhood park and will sit and stare at me pouting when he knows it’s almost time to go. He is loving the warm weather and having his family home. “

Our dog-friends are also good reminders to take a little break and step away from thinking about the virus or work. That’s what Wilbur, the French Bulldog, does for Graphic Designer Erin Fogerty.















“For me, having a dog has been the best possible reminder to take a break and (safely) get outside. Whether it’s brief weekday play in the yard or to get in the car, go for a short drive just to get out of the house. Having Wilbur sitting next to me begging for attention has kept me on track from otherwise sitting around all day. Taking him on small ‘adventures’ helps me break up my increasingly long-feeling days and makes life feel less monotonous.”

Another sleeper, Daisy, the Cocker Spaniel-Pomeranian mix, keeps Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator Fernanda Irish active with her two to three walks a day.

“Since we started working from home, I now know what my dog does every single hour of the day – it’s not much. She’s also the best co-worker because she relies on routine way more than I do. We’ve started taking 2-3 mile walks or runs every afternoon and I think it’s helped keep me sane. Then we end our day with another short walk around our neighborhood. It’s a wonderful time to be a dog.”

Unlike the sleepers, Chesney has shown Chris Ambler that she’s all about the action, in short bursts.

My dog does what I call ‘Dog Olympics’. After she goes to the bathroom outside she must immediately come inside and run 4-5 laps around the perimeter of our apartment. Occasionally, she will grab a toy on one lap but dropping it after a few steps.

Gus the Cat (AKA Goonie James/Goosie/Sheriff Piedmont) has started to make appearances in some of Creative Director Casey Catherwood’s videos and was practically the star of our DIY Espresso short.

“I don’t think our cat could be happier to have us home. Living in a small house on a loud, busy street with no yard, we’ve been taking to the roof for happy hour after work. Gus loves to come and sit with us, but he’s not old enough to drink.”

While the world fights a pandemic, it’s truly a good time to be a We R Tacoma dog. Or a cat. Find your friend, give them a snuggle and take them for a socially distant walk.

If you have space in your life and family for another fur-friend, Tacoma Humane Society is still open for adoptions.

Always Together, We R Tacoma

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