Tacoma Rainiers

Kids of R City

What’s better than getting to spend a day at Cheney Stadium? Being able to ditch class for a day of Rainiers Baseball. 12-year-old Caleb got the opportunity to be one of thousands of kids to take a break from the books and join us for nine innings at R House. We got the opportunity to talk with the young fan over a bag of popcorn to find out some of his favorite things about spending a day at the park.




Q: What’s your favorite part about Rainiers games?

A: “All of my friends are here and we’re having a good time.”

Q: Who do you like coming to games with?

A: “My mom”

Q: What is your favorite snack at a baseball game?

A: “Popcorn”

Q: Would you rather be in school today? Why?

A: “No. It’s way better here than at school.”

Q: Favorite baseball position?

A: “Second base, because it’s where I play most often”

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