Tacoma Defiance

Keep It Defiant: Sandwiches for Neighbors in Need

March. April. May. June. July. October.

I mean August.

It’s September, right? (Googles “day of the week with month included”)

It’s loading. Still loading. Ah, yes.

We can now confirm it’s September, and what do you know? We’ve been living this alternate reality for almost six strange, trying months.

So, in this age where the mood we wake up in is as unpredictable as the news flooding our timelines, you’re not alone if personal inspiration has been fleeting.

And still, through all of that, and as a testament to Tacoma’s true heart and character, we’ve seen so much good happen in this COVID-19 chapter of our city’s story.

We’ve supported nurses, helped keep restaurants afloat, taken to the streets to defend the rights of our neighbors, and so much more. But the work of the truly Defiant is never done.

With the colder months right around the corner, and with an opportunity to help, that’s where the do-gooders at Old Town Tacoma’s favorite real estate agency Windermere Abode come in.

They’ve organized a weekly opportunity for Tacoma to safely help Tacoma Rescue Mission feed our city’s hungry. It’s called Sandwiches for Neighbors in Need, and it’s so simple, we’re getting involved and we encourage you to as well.

As you can imagine, resources for Tacoma’s people experiencing hunger & homelessness have dwindled during this time of shelter in place. Volunteers at local food banks (strongly consisting of our community’s well-meaning elders) have had to bow out of shifts for the sake of their own health. Tacoma Rescue Mission has had to eliminate hot food service, with its usual dining space converted to living quarters to accommodate need.

Every Friday, Windermere Abode is receiving individually packaged sandwiches, snacks, water, and fruit in the back lot at their office located at 2200 N 30th Street, Tacoma, WA. The group invites the community to participate, make sandwiches safely at home (nothing fancy, meat and cheese with light condiments, no P.B. & J’s) and participate in a no contact drop off at 4:30 PM.

The drive, which has been running throughout the summer, has seen great community support, with thousands of sandwiches and snacks donated to Tacoma Rescue Mission in this time of need. As they’ve seen support ebb and flow with the holidays, people coming and going for summer vacations, our thought was this: What if we made this their best week yet?

We’re hitting Costco this week, dialing up the jumbo mayo, and we’re going to turn our small kitchen into a sandwich factory to help our neighbors in need. Will you join us in doing the same?

Keep it Defiant, Tacoma.

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