Learning The Fun Way

From storytelling to mathematics, we've got an educational resource for every Kindergarten to 5th grade student. Give Rhubarb the Reindeer and Epic Sax Gorilla some much needed help with their math homework, settle in for R House Story Time and find more kids activities that you and the family will have a blast with.


Download, print and cut out R Memory Game for kids (and forgetful adults!). Place all the cards upside down and flip 2 at a time. If the image on the 2 cards matches, set them aside. If they don’t match, flip them back over and try again until you’ve got all 18 pairs. Play alone or with a partner, and whoever has the most pairs at the end of the game… WINNER WINNER CORN DOG DINNER!


Printable Math Worksheets

Join Epic Sax and Rhu as you race against a parent, sibling, or even the clock to complete the ultimate Cheney Stadium math worksheets. Ask an adult to tag the Rainiers on social media with your completed worksheet so we can share a job well done.

Help Rhu Add Up The Answers


Find the Difference the Epic Way

Multiply the Epic Way

Help Rhu Solve for the Quotient



R House Story Time – We R Tacoma

Written by Ben Spalding & Tony Capena | Read by Casey Catherwood

Read along as we tell the story of R City and the people who make Tacoma our home. It’s a place filled with loving friends, bright ideas and baseball fans who gather at Cheney Stadium to watch the Tacoma Rainiers play. Together, We R Tacoma, but there would be no ‘we’ without you.

The first 10 fans to share and tag us on social media with a video of them reading us their favorite, will receive a free copy of our award winning Tacoma Rainiers comic book Heroes of R City.


For additional Kids Activities including Read Alongs and Coloring Books, visit our We R Tacoma Kids page.

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