Tacoma Defiance

Defiantly Tacoma Gift Guide

Future Soccer Star

The future of Tacoma loves Jack the Bear and soccer.  They gather at the base of section 102 post-match chatting with pro players just a few years older than they are. Our local youth are seeing the dream right in front of them on the pitch at Cheney Stadium.

Young and motivated, they play on fields across the South Sound for local clubs. One day they will be in black and green playing for their city. For now, they are dreamers with all the potential in the world with a club that plays in their hometown.

Support their dreams with the following:

Youth Trio Jacket | Youth Logo T-shirt | Youth Adjustable Hat | Bear suit for the youngsters





Defiantly Tacoman

Tacoma is awesome. Part industrial, part artistan, all pride – everyone knows where those who claim to be Defiantly Tacoma are from. Their city is special and they rep it every day.

They live the mountain, wear the ‘R’, and know the comfort of being surrounded by evergreens. TAC is who they are, wherever they are. Tacoma is woven into the weather proof fabric of their identity.

Put Tacoma under the tree:

Wave Hoodie | TAC bar shirt | TAC hat


Supporter of Defiance

A full-force yell of “Tacoma!” and the response of “Defiance” echoes from the south goal to the west stands. These men and women wave the flag every day. They bring their scarves to work, maybe have a couple soccer stickers on the computer.

Soccer is life. So is Defiance. Clad in black year round, the Supporters of Tacoma’s team know all the players, opposing USL teams, the Sounders. This soccer lover can always use more black – maybe even black on black.

This is what will bring them joy:

Black on Black Defiance sweatshirt | Full Zip Primary Jacket | Scarf


Sideline Parent

On Saturday mornings, soccer moms and dads gather their children in the car, heading out to the latest soccer tournament. There is a chill in the air. A cup of coffee helps. It’s early and the sideline parent will need to keep their voice primed for support.

Properly outfitted in Defiance outerwear (men’s, women’s) the parent is proud of Tacoma and their own children. A brimmed cap keeps sun out of their eyes, and the rain off the face. Whatever the Pacific Northwest weather throws at the sideline parent, they’re ready to support their kid(s) in the beautiful game.

Keep them warm and ready to show up at every soccer match around the state:

Full Zip Primary Jacket | Grey Defiantly Tacoma Long Sleeve | Primary Logo Beanie | Tumbler 


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