Tacoma Defiance

Dear Defiance

Dear Defiance,


Since we met, I feel like our relationship has been one of mutual benefit. I’ve added your dope jersey to my collection, you’ve gotten a loyal supporter who loves going to your games; I’ve chastised opposing players throwing ‘bows and flopping like a trout, you’ve responded by pounding goals in their faces much to my delight. We’re pretty tit-for-tat, and that’s what I appreciate about you.

But my love for you runs deeper than our give and take.

As is largely known, Tacoma’s roots are working class, blue collar. We’re a grit and grind kind of folk. A lot of us like to do things a little differently and forever be ourselves. This is a town that thrives on independence, sometimes perhaps to a fault. This is a town of beginnings, and as many of you begin your journey as professional soccer players and as adults, we are here for you as much as you are here for us. That is what communities are for.

We take pride when we see our people move up in the world, just like Danny, Justin, and Alfonso. Their reputations in this club and fan base will inspire future generations of Defiance, and live on in our memories, and in some cases record books – here’s looking at you Justin.

And I think that right there is really why we click so well, you and I. I respect what you are giving back to this community. Sure, there may be as many downs as ups in this game, but I’m going to be around through all of that.

I’ll be there when the rain falls. I’ll be there when the ref misses calls. I’ll be there when you’re down a man, and I’ll certainly be there when you can barely stand. Whether the nights swelter or drizzle, sure as the shadow of Mount Rainier darkens the pitch, I’ll be there.

I think when I speak for myself; I speak for all of Tacoma when I say this:


I love you, Defiance.


Defiantly yours,

Brody Howe

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