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Tacoma’s Leaders are All-In on R Hat R City

UPDATE: R Hat R City extended thru Tuesday, Dec. 3

We met with many of Tacoma’s stewards of community and green energy to get their take on Jason Lee Middle School’s important mission to install solar panels on the school’s roof in an effort to save money and lower emissions. These business owners, entrepreneurs, and community figures are all-in on R Hat R City, a Tacoma Rainiers initiative that is giving $5 from every Rainiers hat sold in November to Jason Lee’s “Watts Up!” project. Read what they have to say about community, “Watts Up!”, R Hat R City, and purchase your own Rainiers hats at Cheney Stadium’s Team Store or thru the online team store.

Dean Burke Travel Tacoma CEO

“In Tacoma we’re fiercely independent and fiercely proud. We rally together in support with that same attitude. We are arm-in-arm here. It’s what we do.”

It’s the future. The Pacific Northwest and Tacoma is trying to push and set the bar for how we use energy and how we use resources, how we steward ourselves against the resources around us. We are in such a diverse geographic setting here that is sensitive. It’s not a place that you can just railroad and bulldoze to exploit. I look at who is coming up through younger generations especially; they are not satisfied with the status quo. I love this.”

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Learn more about R Hat R City HERE.

Trixy Dorn MultiCare Community Events Program Coordinator, MultiCare Director of “Sound to Narrows Run”

“I’m honored to work for a company where the vision is partnering for a healing and healthy future. Getting to be a part of the Tacoma community and what we stand for at MultiCare and as a whole, I feel blessed to be a part of all of it.

“I’m inspired by this story and these three girls – what they are doing and what they stand for I think this empowers not just kids, but adults too.”

Boe Ervin Ervin’s Barbershop owner

“I feel an obligation to give back to the community to create traditions for people to remember and carry on with their own legacy.”

“It feels great to know that things will live after I pass. There’s so much negative energy that we can’t wait for the positive to surpass the negative things. The youth are definitely the influence. They are going to be the ones to carry it over. For them to jump start this? It puts me in a happy place.”

Ann Jones Windermere owner

“We are huge supporters of Tacoma Public Schools to start. That’s near and dear to our heart. From the real estate perspective, strong schools build strong communities and that’s good for everyone. You are always going to find us behind anything related to schools here.”

“They are showing excellent leadership to us right now. They are managing up to us when you look at international issues. We would be crazy to not to support and get behind them. It will impact all of our lives.”

Anne Jones from Windermere Real Estate

Matthew Kimball Hi-Voltage Records

“Being so close to the middle school, we see lots of kids in the heart of Tacoma trying to make it fun and happening, and good for everyone – we love it.”

Young La Burger Seoul owner

We always want to be a part of this community. It’s what we do. What we do is bring community together, even if just by serving food. We think that we can be a part of it and change and impact children, youngsters, college kids. We think we can do stuff by the way we serve food.”

These kids are amazing. It’s a thing that nobody has done before in this city or Pierce County. That’s a huge step. Solar energy is the next step for their generation. As a person, a business owner, and an entrepreneur – that’s the way to go. I cheer these girls. They are an inspiration. I’m with them and support whatever it takes. I will help them.”

Justin Peterson 1111, The Valley, Peaks and Pints co-owner

“We are supported by our community every day of the week, and supporting causes like these help us give back.”

“I think it’s great that young people in our city get involved and accomplish things to better our city.”

Jordani Sarreal Tacoma musician

“I think the community aspects in Tacoma are felt across the arts scene – music and visual arts and all the museums downtown. There’s a community aspect to every part of the culture in the city of Tacoma. It creates an authentic gritty supportive community.”

“It inspires me as a not-so-young person to see that kids are feeling empowered to make a difference in their daily lives.”

Ron Swarner Peaks and Pints co-owner

As a longtime, more than 50 years, member of this community, giving back to a place that raised and formed me is a pay-it-forward scenario. It’s helping keep this city strong for generations. With way more distractions than the ‘kick the can’ environment I grew up in, it warms my heart to hear they have a foot planted firmly in the community.”

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Learn more about R Hat R City HERE.

Wade Webber Tacoma Defiance assistant coach

“Tacoma is a fascinating place. It’s about a city that is old, but doesn’t feel that way. It has a grit to it, we all know that. But there’s a new element and sophistication to it that I don’t think anyone from outside of the area appreciates. I’m a south ender (Federal Way) and wouldn’t live anywhere else. I lived in Texas and Miami I’m back in the South End. I’m proudly 253 and won’t move because it is where I’m from, but it’s also where I need to be. Blue collar with sophistication as well. I love it.”

“I’m inspired by so many things that young people do. The idea that everything has already been done, that all bridges have already been crossed, that’s simply not possible given where we are historically. The world is continuing to push boundaries. We love to see it. I’m excited that students from Jason Lee are aware of the fact that we are on a big body of water – Commencement Bay or the ocean – we are at a tipping point. Science suggests that not only are we the cause, but we can be the solution. I’m proud to part of an organization that is pushing to find not only the endgame, but something that we can sustain and live without throughout the next generations.”

Jordan Zehner Incline Cider owner

“Tacoma is our community and home. It’s up to us to be a part of the causes that will continue to drive Tacoma to be the best it can be.”

“It shows that there aren’t any boundaries to making impactful, positive changes to our city. Truly everyone can play a role in making Tacoma a better place.”

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