Aces in the Outfield, Come and Play

Why not up the ante? Come and play Aces in the Outfield with the Tacoma Rainiers and Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel on July 17, 2022.

What is Aces in the Outfield?

It’s a once in a season opportunity to bring the fun of Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel direct to the Cheney Stadium outfield.

Join us as we make watching baseball even more fun with “Aces in the Outfield.” The outfield will be split into four (4) sections and a different suit (Spade, Heart, Clubs, Diamond) will be mowed into each respective section. Upon entering the stadium you will receive a game card featuring one of the four suits on one side, and the rules on the other. Every inning, the rules change giving you a chance to win something new! The redemption table will be set up next to the First Base Gate in the concourse for fans to claim their winnings.
Here are the tasks and prizes for the 2022 edition of Aces in the Outfield:
  • First Inning – If the Rainiers get a hit in your suit, take your card to the redemption table to get a free Tim’s Cascade Chips bag.
  • Second Inning – If the Dodgers flyout in your suit, take your card to the redemption table to redeem a Signature Rainiers Headband.
  • Third Inning – If the first ball to be hit into the outfield is in your suit, take your card to the redemption table to get your Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel Reusable Grocery Bag. Hurry quick, as the first 1,500 fans will receive this prize!
  • Fourth Inning – If the Rainiers hit a home run in your suit, go grab your ticket voucher to a September Rainiers home game at the redemption table.
  • Fifth Inning – If the Rainiers throw a strike, everybody has a chance to win big! Head to the concourse and enter to win a weekend getaway at the Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel.
  • Sixth Inning – If the Rainiers hit a double in your suit, take your card to the redemption table to claim your Epic Sax Gorilla Sticker.
  • Seventh Inning – If the ball hits off the outfield wall in your suit, whether it’s in the air or off a bounce, enter to win a VIP Rainiers experience at the redemption table.
  • Eighth Inning – Each suit is assigned a different type of out. The first one to occur gets the winning suit 10% off in the Team Store. Display your card upon checkout in order to receive the discount. Once we have a winner, this offer will be live until the Team Store closes shortly after the conclusion of the game.
    • Clubs – Flyout (Infield)
    • Spades – Popout (Outfield)
    • Diamonds – Strikeout
    • Hearts – Ground Out
  • Ninth Inning – If the Rainiers make a diving catch in your suit, take your card to the redemption table to get a Surprise Prize!

Please Note:

    • Your card with your assigned suit is your ticket to redeem prizes. The boxes next to the inning will be checked off once your prize is redeemed.
    • Only one suit can win per inning. This means that if a task is completed more than once, only the original winning suit will have the opportunity to redeem that inning’s prize. 
    • Outside of the Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel grocery bag prize, the first 1,750 fans will be able to redeem each prize.
    • If a ball is hit into a suit, but rolls and is picked up by a player in another suit, the suit where the ball was grabbed will be the winner.


SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2022




  • No purchase from sponsor is necessary to enter or win. Any purchase will not increase an entrant’s odds of winning.
  • Entrants do not need to be a customer of sponsor; being a customer of sponsor will not increase or decrease an entrant’s chances of winning.
  • There are 9 opportunities to win. Approximate odds of winning prizes in innings 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 9 are 1:4. Odds of winning final prize in innings 5 or 7 is 1:5000.
  • Participants must be present to win.
  • Promoted by the Tacoma Rainiers (2502 S Tyler Street, Tacoma, WA) and sponsored by Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel (12888 188th Ave SW, Rochester, WA).